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About 1.5-hour drive from Naha Airport to the north.

It is often said in Okinawan language that “Nuun nenshiga Nakijin son.” (In Nakijin village, you have nothing to do).   This saying indicates that Nakijin village, which is in the northern part of Okinawa, has the great nature and scenery from good old days hardly touched upon.  Although you may not find anything you can see in modernized cities, you can encounter something that touches your heart and makes you feel nostalgic.

Among the village, we are blessed with more serene and peaceful atmosphere.  You will be surrounded by wave sounds, bird tweets, insect songs. “The one and only guesthouse for you in Okinawa: tinto*tinto” is located on a hill over the greenish-blue sea between Uppama Beach and Kouri Island.

On the same premise stands the secret guesthouse for the sophisticated grown-ups “Orussa no Yado: Machan Machan,” which opened in 2006. This guesthouse has 4 rooms and features a cottage-like accommodation.

We, “tinto*tinto,” opened as a secluded guesthouse in 2010.  We share the site and the entrance with “Machan Machan,” in the similar taste accommodation to Machan-Machan, and wait for families with and without small kids.

Now, we and our staff run two guestrooms.

One room is “tinto*tinto Sora, the sky room,” where you feel relaxed as if you are in your own home and enjoy breakfast exclusively for you at the cafe room.

The other room is “Machan-Machan Umi, the sea room,” which is a cottage with red roof tiles and Ryukyu beegu: Japanese tatami rush.

We, tinto*tinto prepare a special breakfast for only 1 party to enjoy the luxurious morning in your journey.  (We now have the breakfast room service to the guest at Umi room.)

For your breakfast, we have a lot of local and familiar ingredients, such as Okinawan vegetables.  Then we wholeheartedly cook all the dishes, as well as Miso and fruit jam on our own.

All of the plates, the glasses, the chopsticks, the cutleries, the crafts that are on display at the cafè room are for sale.  The craft workers in Okinawa sell these to us. You may find some of them at breakfast or in your room. You can shop now if you want.

We invite you to experience the cozy time over the tranquil ocean view.  Here we are, a guesthouse like a café or a craft shop far away from the reality.

We sincerely hope our own style of “Okinawa” impresses your heart.

The name of our guesthouse is “tinto*tinto,” which means “the Heaven and the Sky” in Okinawan and Nakijin dialect.

As you probably know, the sea nearby boasts one of the most spectacular views in Mainland Okinawa.  
As you also probably know, our guesthouse commands a beautiful view of the island, Kouri island, ahead of you.

In addition, we hope you enjoy various types of sky views that are just stunning.
In the daytime, the blue sky with the big white clouds floating in it moves you.
In the evening, the light red sky dyed by the sunset shining over Kouri island impresses you.
In the night time, the dark black sky with the stars fully covering it, together with the Milky Way overwhelms you.
In the morning, the golden sky, with the holy sun rising from the top of Koori island fascinates you.

You never fail to enjoy “Okinawan magnificent sky,” and that is why we named our guesthouse after the sky in Okinawan dialect.

Do you have something you would like to cherish in your daily life?
Do you have something you used to treasure but now you have forgotten?

If you just push aside your busy days and turn away from the reality for a little, and remind and regain what you almost lost in your mind, we would be more than just appreciated.
While you are watching the stunningly beautiful sky and the scenic sea from tinto*tinto, we hope you fully enjoy being here.

We sincerely look forward to seeing each and every one of you here in Nakijin village.

May tinto*tinto be “the one and only place for you to stay soundly.”  

tinto*tinto & all the staff members

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