Breakfast and the café room


clip_86_01 Breakfast

“Japanese-Okinawan style breakfast,” which means Japanese style breakfast with rich Okinawan ingredients

“BLTC and fruit sandwich of buns made from soy milk and natural yeast,” Western style breakfast

“Pain Perudu of baguette” and “Ratatouille with Yanbaru vegetables” breakfast

 clip_126_01The café room

Here you can enjoy the breakfast over the view facing Kouri island and the ocean off Uppama beach

Around the table, we display the handmade works made by local Okinawan craft workers.  If you like some, we are always glad to sell them.

Points you need to know about breakfast just for you!

You can enjoy breakfast at the café room over the ocean view.
This breakfast is only for you, so you don’t need to care about other guests.
The café room is something like a gallery surrounded by crafts, such as “Yachimun,” made by Okinawan craft workers.
We prepare delicate breakfast with seasonal Okinawan ingredients, local tropical fruits, handmade miso, handmade jam, and much more.
We sincerely cook and serve today’s special breakfast every morning.
We provide a room service to bring sandwiches made from natural yeast and soy milk to the customers who stay in Umi room, a Japanese style room.


clip_203_01To the guests with small kids

The breakfast for the guests who choose “with kids and with breakfast” plan

To the guests with small kids

clip_203_01If you like a weaning food, we are glad to serve “shiro gayu,” white rice porridge.  If you have an allergy to any food, we also prepare another meal coping with food allergy.  We can help you as much as possible to make your stay more comfortable if you let us know your extra request in advance.

clip_203_01We hope you enjoy your relaxing and luxurious breakfast time even if your kids are small.  That is why we serve breakfast at the café room only for you. Please do not worry about any kind of trouble to other guests and just make yourself at home.

clip_203_01If you choose “with kids and with breakfast” plan on reserving a room, we will serve you a kid meal shown in the photo above.  Besides, even if you choose “with kids and without breakfast” plan, we will be willing to serve extra rice and soup to your kids.  Please do not worry about the portions of a meal if you think that the kids’ meal has too much and the regular meal for two adults has too little for your kids to share some.

clip_203_01If the kids do not eat much and feel tired of the meal time, please keep enjoying your breakfast time only for your family.  In the café room, we put some fun stuff for kids, such as wooden toys, puzzles and picture books. While your kids are having fun, you can have a refreshing morning time and add your exciting memories of your family.

The breakfast room service of for the guests who stay in Japanese style tatami room

Sandwiches of buns made from natural yeast and soy milk that we serve as your breakfast to the customers in Umi room, a Japanese style room.

We cater your breakfast in the wooden box.

If you stay for more than 1 night, we serve you “Pork-tamago omusubi,” which is a rice ball with a fried egg and a baked luncheon meat called pork in Okinawa in it.

We are pleased if you enjoy your breakfast time over the ocean view in your room.

Points you need to know about the breakfast as a room service!

We bring your breakfast at the time you told us when you checked in.
You don’t need to come to the cafe room at the designated time.
You can fully enjoy your breakfast and the view of ocean as well in your room.
You don’t have to worry about the annoyance to put on the makeup, and to change your clothes.
This breakfast has only a small portion, so it is good for you if you usually do not eat breakfast but want to try a small portion of local food during a trip.
It is also good for you if you travel alone and want to feel relaxed and eat breakfast in your room.
We cook sandwiches of buns made from natural yeast and soy milk, yogurt covered with homemade jam, and pickles of local vegetables.
If you stay for more than one night, we serve pork-tamago rice balls for the next day.

clip_80_01Points you need to know about breakfast

We provide breakfast at the café room to the guests who stay in a Japanese-Western style room.  Every morning, we serve it to only 1 party. Please reserve a Japanese-Western style room with breakfast plan if you like to.
※ Depending upon the season, we sometimes change the menu.
※ Please depend on us for the content of the breakfast.
※ If you want to stay at Umi room, a Japanese style room with breakfast, please choose “Umi-room with breakfast as a room service” plan.
※ We are sorry that we do not serve dinner for all the visitors.  Instead, we recommend some nice restaurants nearby when you check in.