“Sora room,” a Japanese-Western style room

pinInside of the room

A natural wood-made-taste room with the cedar-board floor and with Ryukyu tatami mat

The spectacular views of the ocean and Kouri island from the room

On Ryukyu tatami mat sits Chabudai, a traditional Japanese low dining table, and the wooden shelf with the Okinawan books and kids toys on it

▲Handmade works by Okinawan craft workers on the desk.  You can relax with hot tea in a handmade cup. You feel surrounded with the warmth of the craft workers.

pinViews from the room

Kouri island just in front of you / The balcony smoothly leading from the room

The isle with stairs beside the room leading to the beach / The private shower in the backyard also available

From the room, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the sunrise from the top of Kouri island.

Your room commands Kouri island and the turquoise blue ocean off Uppama beach.


The bright shower room with a full of sunshine from the ceiling window.  You can see the panoramic sea views during the bathing time.

We provide bath amenity, “LEAF & BOTANICS” and “Shabon-dama soap,” which are good both for your skin and for the earth.

pinTo the guests with small kids

In a Japanese-Western style room, Sora room, you can stay with infants or kids.  This room is the one you need to take off your shoes at, so your small kids will stay safely in the room.

If you choose the plan “with kids and without extra futon,” we put together two three-quarter beds and draw them to the wall.  If you choose the plan “with kids and with futon,” we prepare extra futon put on tatami mats.

We also prepare for your kids kids’ items, such as a wooden toy, a toothbrush, sandals, a chair, a step for the basin, a bag for a diaper, an auxiliary toilet seat.  We cordially want to make your stay more comfortable.

Summary of Sora room features

A Japanese-Western room with 2 three-quarter beds and Ryukyu beegu tatami / scenic ocean views
The panoramic view of the blue sea off Uppama Beach and of the serene sunrise going up from Kouri island
The spacious balcony and the private lawn backyard with an outdoor shower just for you
The nearby beach in 5-minute walk

The points to remember to the guests with small kids
This is the only room where the small children can stay among all the rooms, including the sister guesthouse, Machan Machan.
Inside the room, even small children play safely because you need to take off your shoes.
We set two three-quarter beds, so you can sleep with kids.  We put them together before you come.
You can lay down your children on the tatami mat if you want.
This room is an annex, so you don’t need to care about the neighbors.
We set some kids items, such as chairs, and toys.
You can use the microwave oven and the electric kettle set in the room.
The shallow beach where you can play with your kids is nearby.
We prepare additive-free Shabon-dama soap friendly to your skin.
We supply soft water from the faucet.  It is also gentle to your skin.
We serve the breakfast in your room, so you don’t care about other guests.

pinSora room in detail

 wood_yaAccomodations  wood_yaServices  wood_yaAmenities
Size  35 ㎡


A comfortable air-conditioner Towel Bathing towel / Hand towel / Face towel
 4 adults
Fridge Beer and alcoholic drinks Shampoo
Leaf & Botanics
Shabon-dama soap
Tatami  4 and a half
TV A terrestrial television Toothbrushes For everyone
Beds  three-quarter beds
toilet A toilet with bidet Cotton swabs  Included
Futons  2 sets of extra futon available Internet wi-fi Luxurious bath salt  Included
Bathtub  160 cm electric kettle  1 Tea/Coffee Complimentary tea / Coffee
   Soft water Hair dryer  1 Cup/Glass Okinawan pottery cups and Ryukyu glasses

pinThings you need to know

  • We don’t prepare lounging wears nor facial soap.
  • You are not allowed to smoke inside of the room.  Please get out to the balcony when you smoke.