2 types of the rooms with Ryukyu tatami

tinto*tinto is located on the hill where you can enjoy a wonderful view of Kouri island and Uppama Beach.  We share the premise with the sister guesthouse, Machan Machan.

In this site, we have two types of rooms, such as a Japanese-Western style room: Sora room in tinto*tinto house, and a Japanese style room: Umi room in Machan Machan house.  Let us show the chart below about features and restrictions of each room.

  “Sora room”
a Japanese-Western
style room
“Umi room”
a Japanese style tatami room
Room sdsc_7831_fotor
More detailed information
More detailed information
Inside 2 three-quarter beds
with Ryukyu tatami
a Japanese style room
with Ryukyu tatami
Size 35 ㎡ 8 tatami mat sized room
+ a shower room
4 adults
(5 or 6 people
if you are with kids)
3 adults (including a kid
above elementary school)
Kid Infants, toddlers and older
can be included
Kids above elementary school
or older can be included
Meal Breakfast
available at the café room
only for you
available as a room service
a separate bathtub
and shower
+ a restroom
a shower room
without a bathtub
+ a restroom
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