Uppama Beach, you can go by only 5-minute walk


From your room, you can overlook the panoramic beach named “Uppama Beach,” and walk there in 5 minutes.  This white sand beach is a 2-kilometer-long and means a “big beach” in Okinawan dialect.  It embraces both good appearances of untouched beach with fewer visitors. It is, of course, a resort beach.  Let us introduce 13 reasons why we recommend the plan “Let’s stay in tinto*tinto and have fun in Uppama Beach!”

To the beach, where you can look over from your room, you can walk in 5 minutes

▲”Uppama Beach,” you can look down from your room and walk there in 5 minutes

The beach is right close to you after you go down the stairs by the room and the slope.

The individual shower in front of your room

With the bathing suit on, you can easily come and go to the beach from your room.  Although you can take a shower on the beach, you can also use a shower on the backyard. If you come back to the room soon after you swim in the sea, you can clean the sands or the seawater off your body or beach items.

Not many people come to Uppama Beach even in the mid summer.

You may think that you are in the private beach because this beach is not so crowded, even in the middle of the summer.

If you dont like the crowded resort beach or you dont relax at the natural beach where nobody come,  this beach is the place for you.

The moderately untouched beach

Uppama Beach has been left untouched.  If you compare it with the arranged resort beach or the artificial beach in town, you must realize what the real Okinawan beach is all about.

You can find many sea friends, such as floated coral reefs and shells, concave land hermit crab and small crabs.  You can also enjoy beach combing.

Kouri island is right in front of you.

Uppama Beach is ahead of Kouri island, which is one of the most popular places in the northern part of Okinawa.

Kouri island, too, has beautiful beaches, but almost all the beaches there are crowded for its popularity.  Uppama Beach shares the same ocean area with Kouri island, so you can definitely be satisfied with the clear ocean in Uppama Beach.

The best place to play safely with your kids because of the shallow sea

You can find the reefs 1-kilometer far away from the beach.  This is the tremendous place for small kids to play in the sea, and for babies to play in the sea for the first time, as well.

This beach faces the north, so the wind from the south soundly blows to the horizon in the summer.  The sea condition is perfect both in the sea area and the sea state.

Its just stunningly beautiful!

This beach  stands to the north.  It means that the sun is shining from the south to the beach.  That is why the various colors of blue ocean with the white sand color of the sea bottom beautifully reflect the beach.

You can enjoy having fun in the sea and be fully relaxed with the tender view of the sea with the healing effect from the beach, as well.

The spectacular sunset view in the summer

This beach faces the north, so you cannot see the sun setting in the horizon as you see on the west coast.  Besides, in the summer you can see the brilliant sun setting slowly to the ocean on your left.

You never fail to find out that Uppama Beach on the daytime is picturesque and in the evening, as well.

You can use the table and the seats with a tent for free.

From July to September, Beach House Oohama yaopens and they set the tables and seats with tents on the beach.  If the customers who stays at tinto*tinto show the stay certificates, you can use the table and seats for free, except for the time when they are fully used or reserved.

When you come to the beach to have fun, you will feel troubled in finding a place to block the sun or to put your belongings.  If you come here with your kids, you can spend the relaxing time seeing your kids playing and enjoying the scenery of the beach.

20% discount of the marine activities

You can enjoy the various marine activities at Beach House Oohama ya,” which opens from July to September.

The guests who stay at tinto*tinto” can get 20% discount for many kinds of marine activities, such as a banana boat, a biscuit, a kayak, a snorkeling tour, a wakeboard, a trial diving for beginners.  We will give you a discount ticket when you check in, so please enjoy them with this ticket.

A lazy day over snacks and beer

▲“Beach House Oohama,which opens only from July to September.

You can have a whole pleasant day on the beach with snacks, such as Okinawan noodles, fried rice, ramen noodles and shaved ice, and drinks such as, Orion beer and juice.

Beach barbecuing typical in Okinawa

During the trip, it is hard to barbecue on the beach, even if you are interested in the Okinawan style of barbecuing.  If you visit Oohama ya,which opens from July to September, you can fully enjoy barbecue on the beach without caring anything.  They prepare for the whole set of barbecue stuff and foods.

With barbecuing, you can enjoy drinking Orion beer over meat, and the scenery of Kouri island and the ocean without any worries of driving back home.  You can walk back to the guesthouse.  Your kids will remember this summer memory forever!

Hidden, secret spot for snorkeling

If you go off shore by jet ski for about 1km, you are in one of the noticeable snorkeling spots in the northern part of Okinawa only a few people know of.

The place is crowded with tropical fishes typical in southern island, big coral reef roots with the wild landscape.  You definitely feel as if youre enjoying  diving!

You can find coral reefs and many kinds of fishes even when you try snorkeling in the shallow sea.  But this snorkeling tour is the one you must try.  We also recommend spots for beginners like eighth graders or younger.

To the guests who want to have fun on the beach on the day you check in

If you want to use the free service of the table seats or the discount service of marine activities exclusively for tinto*tintoguests, you need the tickets to show the stay certificate.  Before going to the beach, please drop in at tinto*tintoto check in or to get the tickets in advance.  Unless you have the tickets, you cannot get these services. If we are ready for your checking in even before the check-in time, we will welcome you for checking in.  Please give us a call on the day if you are to arrive earlier.

The access to Uppama Beach shown below