“Umi Room,” a Japanese style tatami room

pinInside of the room

A simple taste room with tatami mat made by Ryukyu beegu and with high ceiling

A light and a wind refreshingly come through the room because of the big glasses on the entrance and the ceiling window.

You can come out to the veranda smoothly through amahaji, which means engawa in Okinawan dialect.

We hope you enjoy relaxing time over the splendid ocean and Kouri island view while you are laying down on Ryukyu tatami mat.

pinViews from the room

▲Umi room is one of the rooms in the cottage with red roof tiles.  It stands on the Machan Machan side of the garden, which is a sister guesthouse and is on the same site.

Kouri island and the blue bright ocean are just in front of you from the room.  The veranda leads to the garden, which makes you feel relaxed and unrestricted.

From the bay window, you can enjoy views of Izena island and Iheya island.  You can go down stairs to the road leading to the beach.

pinShower room

The bright shower room abundant of sunshine from the ceiling windows.  We equip an individual shower booth, a sink, and a restroom.

The water supplied from the faucet is soft water good for your skins.  It is converted from hard water into ionized alkaline water, so you can safely drink it.  We provide bath amenity, natural essential oil “LEAF & BOTANICS,” and additive-free “Shabon-dama soap.”


We offer a breakfast room service to the customers in Umi room who want breakfast.  Please go to breakfast page.

Sandwiches of buns made from natural yeast and soy milk

Please enjoy your relaxing morning time over the ocean view from the room.

Summary of Umi room features

The panoramic view of the blue sea off Uppama Beach and Kouri island just in front of you
The spacious and simple room with Ryukyu beegu tatami mat, a high ceiling, a balcony, and a garden
You can see the gorgeous sunrise coming up from the top of Kouri island in the mid summer.
We serve you the breakfast room service at the designated time.
The cute red-roof-tile room of the cottage

pinUmi room in detail

 wood_yaAccomodations  wood_yaServices  wood_yaAmenities
Size  8 tatami mat
shower room
A comfortable air-conditioner Cooler/Heater Towels Bathing towel / Hand towel / Face towel
 3 adults
Fridge Complimentary water / tea Shampoo
Leaf & Botanics
Shabon-dama soap
Infants  No accepted
TV A terrestrial tv Toothbrushes For everyone
Futons  Set of futon each
Toilet toilet with a bidet Cotton swabs  N/A
Bathtub  N/A Internet wi-fi : N/A Bath salt  N/A
Shower room  Individual shower Electric kettle  1 Tea set Complimentary
tea / Coffee
    Hair dryer  1 Cups/
 Okinawan pottery cups and glasses

pinThings you need to know

  • We don’t prepare lounging wears nor facial soap.
  • You are not allowed to smoke inside of the room.  Please get out to the balcony when you smoke.